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* Island Flames announced as the WINNER of the Bermuda Government Literary Awards (Non-Fiction) 2018.

* Screenplay adaption of Island Flames, with the working title 'Prerogative of Mercy' is completed.


* Island Flames completes two years as the # 1 selling book in Bermuda in 2015 and 2016.

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Winner! Bermuda Literary Award presentation on February 24th 2019.
Island Flames is the winner of the Non-Fiction category


Bermuda Literary Awards announced:



Screenplay announced:

Goodreads Review


Film adaption announced



Video promo

Video promo:

Review by Caribbean News Now:

Island Flames donates to public schools


Island Flames donates to Education Ministry

Book launch and signing:

Book Launch announced

Review: A must read book:

Book launch announced

Book release is announced:

COMPLETED EVENTS - most recent first

December 2017: Media Release: Screenplay - working title 'Prerogative of Mercy' completed.
February 2017: Sales progressing on Amazon
January 2017 Screenplay adaption of Island Flames in progress by Afflare Films Ltd.

December 2016: Finishes the year as the # 1 best seller for second consecutive year

October 2016: Author appeared at Warwick Academy

September 2016: Author appeared at the Bermuda National Library Author/Artist event

August 2016: Author appeared at a private Book Club event

April 2016: Third printing on sale

April 2016: Author appeared at a private Book Club event

February 2016: Book Club appearance at the Bookmart's monthly book club

February 2016: Presentation at the Bermuda College Seniors event

February 2016: The second printing goes on sale

February 2016:  Channel 3 FRESH TV interview with the author and Elmore Warren of Fresh TV

February 2016: Two successful book signings completed at the Bookmart at Brown & Co.

December 2015: Channel 82 -edited version of the author's Magic 102.7 interview with Sherrie Simmons; and Straight Talk interview with Today in Bermuda's Carla Zuill and author

November 2015: Donation - $3,500 in Gift Certificates awarded to all Government Middle and Secondary Schools by author

November 2015: Book Club - Author appeared  at a private Book Club event

November 2015:  Guest Speaker - Author appeared as the Luncheon speaker at the  International Women's Club  [] 

November 2015: Donations - Copies of 'Island Flames' donated to private school libraries. [ Already donated to Public School libraries].

November 2015: Second printing of "Island Flames" ordered after record breaking sales

November 2015: Sold Out - "Island Flames" completely sold out of the first printing just 20 days after retail sales began. Second printing underway.

November 2015: Book signing and sales - at the Bookmart at Brown & Co. Corporate Shopping Night

November 2015:  INTERVIEW - Author interviewed by Straight Talk's Carla Saunders Zuill at the Paradise Lounge. Interview aired on local TV  - Channel 82.

November 2015: Presentation/Book signing/sales at the Bermuda College Library. Author  explained how the book was researched, marketed and consumer response

Book presented to the Bermuda College Library for their library collection.
October 29: Book signing and presentation at the Bermuda National Library.

Book presented to the Bermuda National Library for their Bermuda collection.

October 22: "Island Flames" on general sale to the public. EXCLUSIVELY at the Bookmart at Brown & Co.

October 22: Presentation of "Island Flames" to libraries of Govt. Middle and Secondary Schools @ Cedarbridge

October 21: Interview at the Bermuda National Library - local Studies Collection with Ellen Hollis

October 21: Pre-ordered books available for collection from the Bookmart at Brown & Co.

October 21: Book Launch -  The Bookmart at Brown & Co. Guest of honour: Former Premier W. Alexander Scott 

October 20: Radio interview - Hott 107.5's Nikita Robinson's Book Club sponsored by Brown & Co.

October 19 & 20: Radio ads for "Island Flames" released exclusively on Magic 102.7 and Hott 107.5

October 18: Radio interview - Hott 107.5 Orders of the Day with Kim Swan

October 15: Press release to all media - Key points: Book Launch announcement, Bookmart annouce 'unprecedented interest' in the book; collaboration on the book praised; donations to promote reading.

October 13: Release of promotional video produced by Afflare Films (Lucinda Spurling). Editing by Alyson Thompson, Voice narrative by Glenn Jones
October 12: VSB Radio news interview with Bryan Darby

October 11: Special book presentation to former Premier W. Alexander Scott - the sole surviving Bermudian member of the Pitt Commission 1978

October 10: Bernews press release and story of new book

October 9: Radio interview - Magic 102.7 interview with Sherri Simmons
October 9: Royal Gazette interview with Lisa Simpson

October 9: ZBM Television & radio interview - with Tari Trott

May - October 2015: excerpts of "Island Flames" published exclusively on the news website
September 2015: article about the release of "Island Flames" appeared in CaribbeanNewsNow - read over 3,000 times
September 2015: article about the release of "Island Flames" appeared in The Caribbean Camera, a specialiast-Caribbean community newspaper distributed to 150,000 in Canada.

September 2015: "Island Flames" accepted into the Oxford University Library system for the curriculum on race and resistance in Bermuda and the Caribbean

August 31 2015: A synopsis of "Island Flames" presented at the Oxford & Cambridge University Event to celebrate the acceptance of the books of Bermudian authors into the Oxford Library

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